(this is the top of my right foot on x-ray seen from the side)

I finally went back to the doctor today for my foot pain that I thought was gone but really wasn’t.  Life has gotten in the way these past couple months and I just had to deal with the pain as it got progressively worse.

It seems my foot is still fractured, but it is worse.  The fracture actually shows up on X-ray now when it never did before (or maybe this X-ray tech is just better than the first one…?).

Yesterday I got a steroid shot in the top of my foot.  Holy ever-living sonofabitch that HURT.  And today my foot hurts worse than ever.  I am told this is “normal” but I think it sucks.  I’m also back into wearing another new fashionable boot.

My foot has six weeks to heal.  If it hurts in six weeks….surgery.

Oh Joy!

Good times.