I can NOT believe my BABIES are FIVE!  Where has the time gone?  How did they get so big?  How do two little humans drive me so bat shit crazy and yet I love them with all of my soul?  It’s weird isn’t it?  This motherhood thing.

Five years ago today I was on standby while I waited for my induction appointment.  I was given instructions to call in, but since I wasn’t an emergency they would let me come in “if they could.”  So I hung out and waited till about 11am before I got the go-ahead to go into the hospital.

My pregnancy had been pretty easy considering I had two babies in there.  I made it to my 38 1/2 week induction with no troubles.

I was so lucky.

It was a pretty casual day.  I got hooked up to monitors (a lot of them…trying to track two babies is not really all that easy) and was administered my pitocin.   It was a boring day just waiting for something to happen.

I guess it was 7 or 8PM when the doctor came in to ask if I wanted an epidural.  I really wasn’t in a lot of pain but he said it was “now or never.”

I chose now.

The doctor tried THREE times to place the epidural catheter into my spine…with no luck at all.

If you’ve never had a baby (or even if you had) this is the WORSE part of delivering.  At least for me.

After the third time trying to place the epidural, my OB checked me and determined I was dilated to a 10 and it was time to go to the O.R.  My hospital delivers multiples in the operating room, just in case.

I remember being on the stretcher and being wheeled into the OR.  I remember the epidural was NOT working.  I remember having an overwhelming urge to push and the nurse telling me to wait.  She sucked.

Once in the OR it did not take long for baby A to crown.  The doctor snipped an episiotomy and it was at that point that everyone else in the room realized my epidural was NOT working.

Just about 15 minutes later Nathan came into the world.  Seven and a half pounds!

We then waited 20 minutes for baby B to get into position, two or three short pushes later and my eight pound Gabriel was here.

Today my little boys are so much fun!  They each have such opposite personalities.  Nathan is playful and outgoing.  He loves to laugh and be silly.  He is social and makes friends easily.  Gabriel is introverted and artistic.  He loves to draw and plays for hours by himself at something if he’s interested enough.  They compliment each other well.

Having two babies little boys is not a curse.  It is the greatest thing I’ve ever had the honor of doing.