Have you ever heard of Jambu Adventure Designs?  I had not either until just recently, but looking at their website I couldn’t help but think, CUTE shoes!  And when my box arrived at my door and I opened it up, I literally squealed (not something that I admit to doing very often).  I’m always hesitant to accept shoes for review because I have giant feet.  Most cute designs don’t go up to my size 11 wides and I’m always disappointed in the fit and comfort.  But not these shoes.  My Jambu’s are fabulous!

About Jambu Adventure Designs:

Jambu™ is the original outdoor adventure brand. Jambu’s™ sporty‐ feminine shoes are ultra comfortable and perfect for the women on the go. Collections include styles like Sporty Wedge, Metro, All Terra, Bare Feet and Vegan Designs; making our shoes perfect for the adventurous soul inside every woman.  Unlike other outdoor brands, Jambu™ shoes are designed by women for women, therefore, details such as floral motifs, contrast stitching and materials keep Jambu a step ahead creating an outdoor fashion feel.  JAMBU™ uses only 100% recycled, recyclable and re‐usable packaging. Jambu™ outsoles are made with partially recycled and re‐usable compressed rubber. In this small way, we hope to preserve our great outdoors for future generations.

I chose to test out the Jambu Touring, which is in their Sporty Wedge category.

The Sporty Wedge Designs™ are 10 oz. with a heel height of 2 ½. All styles have non‐slip, partially recycled/recyclable rubber outsole and a contoured memory foam footbed for support and comfort. Jambu offers a wide variety of Sporty Wedge styles perfect for Spring or Summer such as sandals, mules, clogs, and Mary Jane’s

Aren’t they to DIE FOR CUTE?

These are the bottoms.  I was hesitant to walk on them because I didn’t want to mess up their cuteness!  But, after I got over my hesitance and put them on, man were they comfortable!  Honestly, I was a little shocked.  Cute shoes are never comfortable…but these are.  VERY.  I immediately headed next door to show them off to my mom and within 10 minutes she had asked my dad to get her a pair for Mothers Day.  They are THAT cute.

I wore them to a party at my Aunt’s house and everyone there commented on how adorable my shoes were.  I happily told everyone where they came from and how to buy Jambu for themselves.  I would absolutely buy these as a gift and I would certainly buy another pair for myself.  They are fabulous.  And I LOVE that they are environmentally friendly with several Vegan designs to choose from.

My Touring’s retail for about $115.00 dollars but prices vary depending which store your purchase at.  Several Jambu styles are available at Macy’s, too.