I went to bed last night pissed off because Bob told me that The Event had been cancelled by NBC.

WHHHHYYYYYYY?!?!?! (that’s my very best whiny “woe is me” voice)

This show has me on the edge of my seat cursing at the television every.single.week.  How can people not be drawn in with government conspiracies, aliens and a love story to boot?  I mean, really?  This is a fun show.  And now the show is going to end and leave me hanging with more questions than answers and it’s not fair!  Like, who the heck is James Dempsy and what was he doing with all the little girls??  They never did clear that up.  Is the First Lady one of “them?”  And where are they going to put all the dead bodies?!  What the hell??  My head is about to explode.

ABC did this to me with Flash Forward last year and I’ve never recovered (Screw You, too ABC!).

While I’m here crying in my Cheerios, let’s talk about The Cape.  I can’t even believe it myself that I’m sad to see this Sci-Fi Superhero thing be gone, but I am.  It was dark and mysterious and I just loved listening to the bad guy talk.  *swoon*

I guess I can almost see how the spy drama Undercovers went away.  I mean, I kinda didn’t even realize that it wasn’t coming up on my DVR anymore.  But this was another entertaining, no brainer, fun to watch show for me.  The two married main characters were so darn cute together!

Amanda made up a list of show’s she is sad to see go this season, too.  See if your favorite is on there.

Every single one of these shows came on, reeled me in, and then, POOF.  Cancelled.  I think it’s crap.  I might just boycott NBC and spend all my time on ABC watching Grey’s or FOX watching American Idol.  Hopefully those won’t be yanked out from under me any time soon.