This was my trash can last night after I cleaned out all my of expired coupons.  That in itself isn’t very blog worthy, but the fact that I cleaned out every single coupon in my binder without ever even using one…kinda is (at least for me).

I really don’t understand this coupon business.  I TRY.  I get ambitious and collect several papers, I spend so much time clipping and organizing them neatly into my beautiful coupon binder that my butt falls asleep on the dining room chair.

Seriously, HOURS.

Then, I jump online to my store website and the coupon sites ( and to name a few) and I painstakingly make my lists.  I try to find my coupons and match them to the sales, even though I really have no idea how to read all the coupon “code” and lingos.  I get all excited when I find that I actually might have the right coupon for something.  And, it’s something that we might actually use!  But, even after all this time and effort I only end up with a handful of potentially useful coupons.  Happy that I’ve begun a new coupon adventure (again), I head to the store.

I’ll spend $100 – $150 at the store.  I might save $10.  Most of the coupons I thought I had are not the right ones, or the item is gone since more savvy coupon ladies beat me to the store.

It is very discouraging.

I come home disappointed.  All those hours of clipping, organizing and trying to find the sales was for nothing.

The next Sunday, my husband goes out and buys more newspapers.  “Please try and use these coupons, Rhea” he says.

Yeah.  Okay.  Whatever.

Newspapers pile up on the dining room table.  I just can’t imagine wasting more of my life clipping and organizing them, doing all that work for a $10 savings.  Then, we get paid, pay bills and have very little left over for groceries.

Then I think:  This is the week I WILL FIGURE IT OUT! I must figure it out.  So I clean out my binder (again) to get ready for more coupons.  I’m a little excited.  Maybe this will be the week I finally learn how to make the coupons work for me rather then against me.

I’m hopeful.  I just really do not feel like sitting and clipping three weeks worth of coupons today.

I write this post instead.  Yeah…this will save us some money.

So now, you tell me.  How do you use coupons?  How do you simplify this process?  I really want to make coupons work for me but it is so discouraging to only save a few bucks after spending hours clipping.  Am I making it harder on myself than it needs to be?  Is there a trick?