There is a full on attack happening over at Nichol’s blog today and it got me thinking (I know it is a scary thought…but just go with it).

Nichol blogged about how they had an all day medical appointment for her daughter in which they needed to call her older son off of school.  When she called the school to let them know of her son’s absence, the clerk told her she should let her son walk.  This kinda freaked Nichol out.  Her son is only eight and hasn’t had experience walking to school or being alone for hours at a time.  She asked in her blog if she was overreacting for being upset at the school’s suggestion.  The comments that followed astonished me!

“I think you’re nuts. Really. Your kid can’t walk ten minutes to school? My first question: what’s wrong with your kid? And you’re picking out his clothes at eight years old?”

“I’m sorry but you people all sound completely nuts. Are you raising your kids in a war zone? Because that’s how you’re acting. “My child will never walk to school until maybe when he’s 18″? News flash. There are not pedophiles and kidnappers behind every bush just dying to snatch your precious snowflake.”

I can not believe that these people are SO judgmental and flat out RUDE!?

I am all for debate and I may even lean towards the “free-range” style of parenting and letting my kids go.  But that is not the point of this post.  It just hurts my heart to see mothers tearing each other down.

And it’s not even this particular subject…It’s EVERYTHING.

Breastfeeding Vs. Bottle feeding
Cloth Diapers Vs. Disposable
Home made baby food Vs. Jars from a store
“Working” moms Vs. Stay at Home moms

The list goes on and on and on.  It seems that women get on the internet and hide behind the anonymity of a user name.  They take the chance to just tear others down, ridicule and JUDGE other moms.

Connie said something and I want to share it with you because I think there is a lot of wisdom in her words.

Do what YOU can live with and ignore the rest.

We are ALL mothers.  We are ALL doing the very best we can!  No supreme mother handed us a manual when we left the hospital (OH…Hospital Vs. Home Birth!).  You stick to yourself.  Your morals.  Your convictions and DO YOUR BEST!  I’m not saying we all have to be the same or agree all the time.  But the name calling and hateful words really need to stop.  We are all here trying to raise our children in a good world, to be good people.  Be part of that good world and set an example.

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