It seems all of my bloggy cohorts have joined in on a little game of listing things that people shouldn’t/couldn’t/wouldn’t want to know about them.  Because I’m all for being a team player, I decided to make a list, too.  Aren’t you lucky?  Honestly, I do not know if I have much to share that I haven’t already shared before…but here goes.

1.  I’m not good with kids.  I don’t know what to say or how to act.  I don’t play pretend, I don’t like games.  I will never be one of those cool and silly parents out running around acting like a fool with their kids.  I obviously LOVE my own kids, I just do not really know how to relate to them.

My best friend Larry as he sorts fish eggs for caviar

2.  When I was in my early 20’s I went to Alaska to work in a fish cannery.  My two closes friends and I left my (then) husband home here in San Diego and set off for the adventure of our lives!  We piled into my Jeep Wrangler and drove up the coast, through Canada to Ketchikan, Alaska.  We had no jobs (yet), no place to live, nothing.  On the advice of another friend, we “squatted” (illegally set up a tent camp) on the side of a hill just outside of town.  We went daily to the local canneries just waiting for one of them to hire us.  We took weekly showers at a laundromat, ate a lot of Top Ramen, cleaned fish and processed caviar for an entire summer.  I proved to everyone that “Princess Rhea” could do just about anything!

3.  I look forward to new episodes of Victorious, Saturday nights on Nickelodeon.

4.  I do not eat sea food.  I can not stand the smell of the sea food department at a grocery store.  I have not liked sea food my entire life so it surprised a lot of people that I even wanted to go do #2 above.

5.  I was in a head on car collision in 1991.  I was driving to school, it was my first year of community college.  I do not remember the accident.  My first memories I have of the incident was being in the helicopter and it was VERY loud.  I was in and out of consciousness and I remember being really pissed off at someone in the emergency room because they were cutting off my brand new pants.  When I finally stabilized and woke up we realized that my only serious injury was a broken jaw.

6.  I’ve never had a cavity.

7.  I curse.  A lot.  It drives Bob insane and he is always correcting my language.  The other day I said something about my ass and he corrected me in front of the kids, “your butt?”

8.  Things do not usually bother me or freak me out.  I am very laid back and easy going.  I am optimistic.  This also drives Bob insane.

9.  It drives ME insane that Bob is pessimistic and easily freaked out.

10.  Me and my boys will spend all day in our pajamas if we don’t have to go out.

Well, there you have it.  If you have time, check out my friends’ lists:  Cheryl, Amanda, and Heather. And perhaps stop by Jess since I think she is the one who actually started all this nonsense!