Last month I got the chance to do a Jambu shoe review.  I told you then, I will tell you again.  I LOVE MY JAMBU SHOES.  They are SO cute and very comfortable.  I would buy another pair in a heartbeat.  Well it just so happens that they are having a contest on their Facebook page where you can enter to win a pair for yourself!  YAY!

All you need to do is “Like” the Jambu Facebook page, and use the entry form to write a “Jambu Haiku” from the point of view of your very comfortable feet. Imagine they are wearing the most comfortable pair of Jambu shoes – what would they say? Maybe something like…

Finally, I breathe
Comfort with color and style
Jambu, my new home

Contest ends June 23, 2011 and you can win a pair of Jambu shoes for yourself so you can see I’m totally not lying about how wonderful they are!