The fact that I am squealing like a pig here is so appropriate here!  LOOK at this little, sweet, size of a coke can piggy?!


I want.


My friend posted on her facebook this week that her miniature pot belly pigs had four wicked cute piglet babies.  I have been oohing and awing over her pictures for days.  I’ve taken pictures of my computer screen so I can send them to Cheryl so she can ooh and aw over them, too.  That’s how obsessed I am with them.

I have always thought it would be cool to have a pig for a pet.  They are so cute and from what I’ve researched online, they make amazing pets.  Here is some of what I’ve learned*:

  • Pot belly pigs are very social.  They love to follow their people around and be included with the family.
  • They are intelligent!  Pigs rate #5 on the intelligent animal scale only following man, monkeys, dolphins and whales!  They are even smarter than dogs.
  • Pot belly pigs are VERY clean and odor free.
  • They can be potty trained to go in a litter box or in one designated spot in the yard.  Unlike dogs who kinda just go where they want.
  • Pigs hardly shed and are usually non-allergenic.
  • They have a life span of 15-20 years.
  • They are easily trained to do tricks (going back to the whole intelligence thing).
  • Pigs are low maintenance and generally non-destructive.

I mean, why wouldn’t I want a piggy??  We live in a rural area so zoning isn’t an issue (some cities don’t let you have a pet pig), our yard is fenced and since Gabe is allergic to cats, a non-allergenic pig would be good for him.

If you have experience with having a pet pig I would love to hear from you.  I know this is going to be a hard sell to my husband and my mother who lives next door.  They already think I’m a nut so I need to be able to convince them that this is a good idea!

*Facts about potbelly pigs gathered from