A few weeks ago I briefly mentioned the fabulous item that arrived for my boys.  Well, we’ve had a few weeks to play on it, set it up, take it down, move it around and generally try to destroy it so I could let you know my thoughts.  And do you know what I think?

This Is Awesome!

Like every other person out there, I’ve rented commercial bounce houses before.  Where I live, we have a great little independent family owned business that rents out some really nice ones for a “reasonable” price.  I think it was about $200.00 for the day (or so).  We’ve rented from them about 4 times now.  Math has never been my strong suit, but $200.00 X 4 equals $800.00 in bounce house rentals.  As Bob would say, “What a Racket!”

For about the cost it takes to rent a bouncer twice,  you can own your very own inflatable bounce house and save yourself a TON of future money!

Rock Crawler Bouncer and Ball Pit by Blast Zone

Now that it is summertime you are probably racking your brain trying to think of ways to keep your kids amused during the day.  I love that we have this bouncer!  Really!!  It is easy for me and my 6 year old to set up and take down by ourselves.  When they kids start complaining that they “can’t do anything!” I just head outside and in about 5 minutes they are bouncing fools.

The Blast Zone Rock Crawler combo bouncer is ready to rumble! Crawl on in through the Rock Crawler Bouncer’s front wheel, and get ready for a rocking good time! Up to 6 Kids can play safely with the Rock Crawler Bouncer at once.

The Rock Crawler combo has tons of fun features to keep boys and girls entertained for hours: a ball pit in the engine compartment area, a crawl tunnel tire, a large bouncer in the cab and a 2-kid-wide tailgate slide.

A large bounce floor, ball pit/play area and a low height make the Rock Crawler an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor use. Kids go nuts for the active theme of this Blast Zone Combo Jumper, and adults love the easy setup and compact design.

Our toy is a bouncer, slide and ball pit combo.  We did not receive balls with our review item, so I can not say a lot about that part of it.  Just imagining the future though, I think the balls might be a pain in the butt.  It looks like it would hold a LOT of balls and gathering them all up each and every time you deflate it might get annoying.  Certainly for special occasions though, I think the balls would be fabulous and I plan on getting them soon.

The dimensions of  the Rock Crawler is 11′ W x 18′ L x 7′ H and it only weighs about 60 pounds.  It fits perfectly into our little grassy yard area and it is manageable for me to put up and take down by myself.  The bouncer takes about 5 minutes (tops) to unroll and get into position, it then only takes about 1 minute to inflate (and that is with three boys riding on the “bouncy elevator!”).


The only “cons” I can say about this particular bounce house is the open roof and dark (red) floor.  Come noon time, the floor gets really hot on little feet.  So we really only bounce in the mornings, then again in the evenings after the hot California sun has started to go down. This design would be a lot better off with at least a light colored floor to help keep it cool.

My Anthony plays really hard.  I mean…really hard.  I said the first day that if Anthony didn’t break the bouncer that day than it would be a well made item.  So far, it has survived a month!  That says a lot about the craftsmanship and quality of this product.

The Rock Crawler Bouncer and Ball Pit is available at BounceHousesNow.com for only $459.00 with FREE shipping.