So, I accidentally brought home two kittens.

Aren’t they adorable?

My mom and I, (I ran it past Bob, who was less than thrilled but he warmed up to the idea) had been discussing the possibility of bringing A kitten into the family (A=one).  Mostly because the gophers have gone crazy in our yard ever since my dad’s two yard cats died last Summer.  So I had been perusing Craigslist for a cat with “street cred.”  A kittie who looked like they could take a gopher down.

A few emails here and there and I felt like I was being interviewed like a terrorist.

Did I really want a kitten?  It has been 25 years since I’ve dealt with a kitten.  But an older cat may not be good with kids or dogs.  Maybe I wanted one about a year old?  Not too old, not too young.  Decisions Decisions.

Maybe I could just throw a couple of gopher snakes out into the yard?

More emailing.  More interviews.  More thinking.  Nothing was really panning out.

On the spur of the moment, I took Anthony and Gabriel down to the Escondido Humane Society.  Their website said “Quirky Cats” on sale for $25.00.  That was in my budget, so I wanted to see.  Turns out, their “quirky cats” are old cats or young cats not good with kids.  Single pet families needed.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work for me and I didn’t have $110.00 to adopt another one.

In the parking lot of the Humane Society I checked my email and had a reply from a gal.  She had two kittens, a male and female.  She was only 15 minutes away.  YAY!

I headed over with full intentions of only getting the female.

I pulled up, she walked over with a cardboard box full of cut out holes.  The lid was tied with string.  She handed me the box.  We opened the box and both boys picked up both kittens.

This is where my plan all went to hell.

“Oh, mommy!  Can we have them?”

“Well, I was only planning on getting the girl…”


The girl who was giving up the kittens said “Oh, I was giving them away as a package deal…”

Alrighty then.

Two kittens it was.  I thought to myself, “I really hope Bob doesn’t kill me!” And, since I’m here writing this post, it is safe to say that I am still alive.

Meet the Kittens

Honey” is the very black calico female.  When I was first looking for cats, I had decided I would name my female “Honey” because I wanted a cat who would possess the attitude of the Honey Badger (watch the video…it’s hilarious!).  Honey is the sweetest, floppiest, most tolerant cat I’ve ever seen!  She just lays and purrs as the boys drag her around.  I’ve seen her stalk and pounce her brother so I’m hopeful she will be a fabulous gopher hunter!

Meow” is the gray and white tabby male.  He is beefy fellow who eats his weight in Kitten Chow all day long.  Gabriel named him and when I tried suggesting something else, like Badger or Joe or Charlie, he cried.  So “Meow” it is.  He has a very big personality and loves to attack feet from under the couch, but he won’t let anyone just walk up to him and give him love.  I hope he warms up because I think he’ll be a pretty neat cat.

So, there is my story about how I accidentally came home with two kittens.  Next task on my list is to make appointments to get them fixed before I end up with two headed offspring.