The week is finally here where I get to start sharing with you our big boy room makeover!  At the beginning of June, I shared with you the tragedy of a kids room that my boys were living in.  Looking at the pictures of what it used to be makes my head spin. It was U.G.L.Y.

Well, it’s not ugly anymore!

Sometimes you have to live with old paint jobs or bad wallpaper.  But it is still functional and safe so it can be overlooked.  It is a really bad idea to overlook unsafe, broken and busted up beds.  Especially when your precious children (*snort* precious?) are sleeping on them.  Our former beds were in really bad shape.  Missing screws, busted base boards, loose railings.  It was an accident waiting to happen.  But, when you have three boys sharing a room, finding suitable bedding for them all isn’t always an easy or inexpensive endeavor.

Lucky for us, there is Hayneedle.

About Hayneedle:

In a sea of retail sameness, Hayneedle provides true variety and real selection.  At we don’t believe in limits.  We believe in giving you options, selection, and an incredibly easy way to shop all of our stores with one shopping cart.  We’re here to make sure you find what you love and love what you find…for home, work and play.

I started searching for affordable triple bunk beds.  A LOT of the beds out there were in the $1500 to $2500 range.  There was NO way I could afford something like that.  I was even considering just getting three regular twin beds, but that would take out half of the usable space in their room.  Where would they play and stash their junk toys?

Then I started poking around on Hayneedle and I was SO happy with what I found!

Here is our new Woodcrest Heartland L-Shaped Triple Loft Bed.

It arrived with FREE SHIPPING on a pallet.  The parts were split up into several boxes and it took some digging before we actually found the instructions…well, what little instructions it had.  My only complaint about this entire process was the assembly instructions.  They were bad less than ideal.  I don’t even think we had the right ones because all the diagrams were for the trundle bed version!  Luckily, it wasn’t terribly complicated and we were able to (eventually) figure it out!

Bob and Anthony went to work deciphering the instructions and laying everything out.  We decided to put the bottom slats onto the bed railings first (which turned out to be a mistake…but the instructions didn’t tell us what order to go in).

Note:  You will need a powerful screwdriver/drill.  There is a lot of screwing on this bed (hey, take your mind out of the gutter…this is a family show!).

Things are coming along nicely!  Anthony is being helpful and Bob hasn’t killed anyone yet.  So far, so good!

About this bed:

Think outside the bed. The Woodcrest Heartland L-Shaped Twin Loft Bed with Extra Loft creates space where there once was none! Its double loft, L-shape configuration comfortably sleeps three while adding space for other items below. Constructed from solid pine wood and protected with a 3-stage lacquer finish, this loft is designed to be kid-tough and durable.

We’ve got two out of three beds built.  Here is where it got a little tricky.  We had no idea, besides the obvious bottom bunk, which bed was the top bunk and which bed was the extra loft.  Of course…we put the wrong one on top and it took some time to undo that and switch them.

Bob’s brother, Dave lives in Washington State.  He was down visiting so we put him to work.  The extra time it took to figure out how to attach the loft was good for brother bonding time.

This is me being artistic with my camera.  Don’t laugh.

We’re almost done!  Just need to add the side rails so the little monkeys don’t fall out!

And there you have it!  One completed triple bunk bed.  It is beautiful and the boys are thrilled with it!

We did end up modifying it a little.  I chose to put the backside rails in the front, that way there is a solid rail all across the front of the bed (where they can fall out) rather than against the wall (where they won’t fall out).  This was just a personal choice since this was the first time the twins were going to be in top bunks and mommy was nervous.

The Woodcrest Heartland Triple Bunk is a hardcore sturdy and heavy bed for three that retails for $699.00.  When we had to try and move it out the next day to paint our mural (post to come!) it took three of us to pull it out!  It is solid and I am confident that my boys are not going to fall through for lack of screws or busted boards.  YAY!

So, stage one of Babies to Big Boys Room Makeover is done.  They’ve got somewhere to sleep.  Later in the week I’ll tell you all about my adventures in painting!