I’ve got another room makeover post for you today.  If you missed the amazing new bed post, check that out first.

Let’s face it.  No amount of beautiful new furniture will fix ugly walls.  So with the help of a My Wonderful Walls Space Theme wall stencil kit, I was able to truly transform the boys’ old baby room into an awesome new Space Room!

About My Wonderful Walls

Launched in 2008 by Michael and Stephanie Goins, My Wonderful Walls is a family owned and operated online retailer of mural stencil kits, wall stickers and canvas art for kid’s room and baby nurseries. Michael and Stephanie, along with their talented team of artists and dedicated folks, are located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

We offer two main product types: Full-room mural stencil kits, giving all parents (even the artistically challenged) the opportunity to paint murals in their child’s bedroom, and canvas art that can be personalized and color-adjusted to match bedding and other room décor.

You can just put me square into that “artistically challenged” category right now.  I try to be creative, but I just don’t have those genes.  But My Wonderful Walls made it SO easy to create a really fun bedroom that my boys love to actually play in.

I chose to stencil paint my boys’ room.  I first had to cover the brown sponge painting with a nice outer-space looking blue paint.  I didn’t want it to be too dark, but dark enough.  You should have seen me in the hardware store looking at samples.  I was dreaming of blue paint chips for days!  I finally decided on a Behr paint/primer combo in the Disney color of “Cast a Spell.” For this mural project, I also needed a moon gray to create the lunar landing scene.  For this, I also used a Behr paint/primer combo in the Disney color of “Mickey’s Shadow.”

All of the self-stick stencils came on reusable paper.  It was very easy to separate the sheets and pull the stencils apart.  Each sheet has more than one stencil on it and they are separated by perforations.  They are easy to cut with scissors if you need them to fit closer together, but I found this wasn’t necessary for me.

The sticky stencils came off the paper easy enough, but the more intricate detailed ones (like flames) would stick together if you weren’t careful.   A couple of them I got stuck and needed a second person to help keep me straight.

The stencils stuck quite easily to my wall.  Now, I do have one suggestion, complaint, whatever you want to call it.  I wish the actual stencils were white instead of clear.  I found myself loosing track of the stencil edges, especially when I was working in the shadows of the bed or something.  As long as the sun was shining against the clear plastic, I could see it.  Otherwise I could not.  Maybe I just need glasses?

I placed almost all of my stencils onto the walls before I started painting and then with my sponge brush (that comes included in the space paint kit) I proceeded to paint my mural.  I picked a color and painted everything that was supposed to be that color, I then switched colors.   It did take a few coats of paint to cover, especially with the dark blue background.  I went back and forth painting, I even let the little boys help with the stars above their beds.

It was real easy to lay out all of the paints (or a few at a time…whatever is easy for you) and the work went quickly.  They send along a color sheet, which makes it a bit like color by numbers.  It shows which colors to use where.  Now, if you are a creative type, you can just do whatever you want.  But remember what I said at the beginning?  That I’m not creative?  I just stuck to the suggestion sheet.  It is truly mural painting for dummies!  SO easy!

Viola!  I’ll be darned if it didn’t look like a planet.  Go me!

My little space rover and robot…work in progress.  The main wall.  The boys dubbed the alien creature as “mommy.”  Gee.  Thanks.

A beautiful feature of these sticky murals is that you can remove them and reuse them.  So we actually ended up with three astronauts (and one alien mommy).  Just be sure to wipe the stencil off and let it dry a bit before you reuse it! I didn’t realize that part (even though it is in the instructions) and I reused a couple of stars without letting them dry first and a few stars got a little sloppy.  Oops!  I just told Bob that the boys painted those sloppy stars.

Another thing to note is that if you have textured walls (like me) then you will not get perfectly straight lines on your characters.  When I pulled the stencil off of that first planet I was really mad at myself.  I thought I screwed it up, that I didn’t have the plastic stencil flat enough or I used too much paint.  But every image I pulled the stencil off of was a little wiggly.  Personally…it just added to the charm and after my initial disappointment I decided it was just fine.  I’m not sure what can be done to remedy this though if you want perfectly painted images?

I am so incredibly thrilled with my boys’ new Space Room.  And, more importantly, they are happy with it, too!  They have been spending a lot of time playing in their room where they didn’t actually do anything in there but sleep before.  A theme mural fosters their imagination and I’ve heard them wake up talking about the effects of gravity more than once (not kidding).

If painting isn’t your thing, then My Wonderful Walls has a fabulous selection of wall stickers, too.  If your room is already nicely painted but you just need some fun kids wall art to give it that finishing touch, then they’ve got you covered.  My Wonderful Walls is truly your kids room decorating headquarters.

The really great people at My Wonderful Walls is offering a $75.00 gift certificate to use in their shop!  That can be used towards all sorts offun stuff so you can create an amazing space for your kids, too!

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