If you live anywhere near San Diego then you know it is San Diego County Fair time.  Heck, with the entire North American Continent intrigued with our Deep Fried Kool-Aid, even if you don’t live in the area you probably know about it!

{Cheryl showed me a Canadian news story last week about the treat!  Imagine that!}

Anyhow, with only two weekends left before it is gone, and we headed down on Friday to check it out.

I remember when I was a child in 4-H, I spent a lot of time at the Del Mar Fair, which is what it was called in the olden days.   It has been a yearly staple for my family ever since.  I don’t think any of my boys have missed it since they have been born.  When I was a kid, I raised market sheep so we would spend days camping at the fair.  It holds a lot of great memories for my family.

This weekend was a perfect weekend to go.  It reached about 70 degrees and mostly sunny by lunch.  I love going on a weekday because it is less crowded (not by much…but every little bit helps). I had one goal in mind as we headed out.  I needed to try Deep Fried Kool-Aid.  Everything else was just a bonus.

We weren’t at The Fair for an hour and the boys needed to rest their feet.  Whimps.

My mom and I headed into the shopping areas first.  You can always get the coolest stuff at the Fair!  I really wanted these slushie makers, but of course, I forgot to go back and get them before we left.  Oh well, $20.00 saved.  We also had a fabulous cooking demonstration where Anthony was smitten with the adorable chef.   While we watched the healthy cooking demo, the twins scarfed down two dozen donuts.

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You can not go to the Fair without riding the rides!  Finally, we let the boys have some fun.  They are expensive, especially multiplied by three.  But the San Diego County Fair has a lot ways to help you save money on rides.

I got stuck riding the ferris wheel with Anthony.  Heights are not my favorite thing and he enjoyed torturing me and making fun of me while I held onto the center pole for dear life.  Good times.

Oh!  The farm animals at the Fair!  We had the best time in the livestock barns and the animal petting areas.  I made friends with this sweet little calf.

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Finally!  Deep Fried Kool-Aid.  I can usually go to the fair and resist the lure of fried goodness that is known as Chicken Charlies.  But this year, something about Deep Fried Kool-Aid had me salivating.  I had to try them.  They are delicious little balls of Kool-Aid flavored fritter dusted with powdered sugar.  Hot out of the frier, they were surprisingly good.


By now, the whole family was tuckered out.  We petted some more animals and gradually made our way out.  This weekend they were having a beer festival and we decided we really should have come to the fair withOUT the kids.  Maybe next year!

The San Diego County Fair runs until July 4th  so there is still time for you to make it down!