Bob calls me the queen of impulse shopping.  I go to the store for deodorant and come out $80.00 poorer.  I see things that I need want and I have a hard time ignoring it.  I routinely pay full price for things that my mom can get 75% off a week later.  It’s probably why I’m fat.  I know cookies are in the kitchen and I just can’t stop thinking about them until I eat them.  All.

So it should really be no surprise to anyone that knows me, that when I decided I wanted a blog domain name that more reflected ME, Rhea, and not the Mommy, that I acted on it.

I’ve actually been playing with domain name ideas for several weeks.  I really wanted, but of course, it is being sat on by someone who would “lease” it to me for $750.00…a month.  Um, no thank you.  I didn’t really want because it seemed to formal.   Then I asked my friends at momdot and someone suggested  I instantly knew that it was the one!

So here we are.  I have imported all of mommy23monkeys’ posts into Oh Rheally.  I don’t really plan on changing what I write about.  It is still me, the things I’m interested in, my crazy monkey kids, my testosterone-filled life.  But the site will reflect more of Rhea the person rather than Rhea the Mommy to Three Monkeys.

Please Update Your Bookmarks!

I have changed my twitter to reflect the new name.  @OhRheally If you are already following me on @mommy23monkeys, you do not have to refollow me @OhRheally.  It is the same account, same followers.  You just need to remember the new name if you want to DM or @ me.  If you were NOT following me before, why not?

I have also updated my feedburner RSS feed for subscribers.  I believe you will continue to get my updates using your old subscription…but honestly I have no idea for sure.  You may just need to resubscribe to OhRheally’s feed.  Please? Do it for me? **NOTE:  Your mommy23monkeys feed now says OhRheally.  You don’t need to change anything on your end.  YAY

Facebook will not let me change my fan page name.   So for now, I am leaving it be.  I’m sure it will bug me eventually having the old name, and it will get changed.  But for now, I’ll be there. Please LIKE OhRheally On Facebook!

Around the interwebs my username will still be mommy23monkeys.  It’s grown on me and I’m not ready to let that go…just yet.  But hopefully moving forward my blog identity will be ME and not my kids.  I really appreciate you sticking around while I iron out the kinks and strive to find myself.

Love to you all. <3


PS.  Apparently I didn’t do my content transfer quite right since all my text moved, but not my images.  THREE years of images that now have to be moved MANUALLY.  UGH.  So.  If things seem off or pictureless…please be patient and I will try to get them in place as soon as possible.  Might take a few weeks though.