When you’ve got boys, your life is full of adventure and sometimes even danger.  As a mom, I know we are usually trying to avoid the danger.  But, there are times when danger should be embraced.  Without danger, kids can not learn how to be careful or navigate risk.  As parents, we need to help our kids learn how to take risk, how to be successful and even how to be dangerous.  If we don’t, we will end up with another generation of sniveling, spoiled whiners.  Oh, did I say that out-loud?

The book 50 Dangerous Things (you should let your children do) is full of projects to help your kids explore their dangerous side over the summer.  I was SO excited to get this book!  Maybe even a little bit more excited than the boys (but don’t tell anyone).

This book is full of activities (deconstructing appliances), skills (tightrope walking), projects (melting glass) and experiences (tasting electricity) that will keep you busy all summer long.  I was surprised, yet pleased at how many things I’ve actually already let my kids do without thinking twice about it.

Licking a 9-volt Battery.  I caught Gabriel doing this the other day with no prompting from me.  He did it over and over and over again always jumping just a little at the jolt.  It was amusing to watch.

Master a Somersault.  Check.  I had no idea people thought this was dangerous?

Play With Dry Ice.  Boys LOVE dry ice.  Trust me.

Climb a Tree.  I think I found this the most amusing in the book.  Isn’t it kinda sad that in society today we have to remind parents to let their kids climb trees?  I remember sitting in our front yard tree for hours all summer long.

In the book, it will explain how to do the activity, what to expect and it will tell you what is dangerous about it.  The 50 Things range from simple and mundane (to me) to more dangerous things like playing with fire and smashing glass.

I love that the book lists ways to do the things safely.  Just because it’s fun to be dangerous, doesn’t mean us mom’s want to visit the emergency room.  The breaking glass activity has safety goggles, long -sleeved shirts and gloves as part of the required equipment.

The activity my six year old chose to do first was “Break the Recipe Rule Book.”  Basically, go into the kitchen and bake something without a recipe.  Anthony is my very own chef around here and he loves to cook.  He is with me all the time in the kitchen so this was a natural thing to want to try.

As hard as it was for me…I stayed out of it.  He went to work in the kitchen putting together ingredients to bake a cake.  Some of the measurements were off, some had me scratching my head, but overall…he did great!  I guess he paid attention to my past baking  because I’ll be darned if he didn’t end up with an edible chocolate cake!

The book has a page for Field Notes which is where we kept track of ingredients and baking times.

I was so proud, but more importantly, so was he!

By letting kids have the reigns to try things, even dangerous things, they build confidence and self esteem.  The 50 Dangerous Things (you should let your children do) helps you do just that.  I can’t wait to try more things with them!

50 Dangerous Things (you should let your children do) retails at about $18.00 and is available in most bookstores and online at Amazon.com.

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This is a REALLY cool book!  You will want to have one for your self kids.