The rise of social media has been a wild ride.  People are connecting with old friends, making new friends, finding out information and news lickety split.  It’s all very convenient and it’s really all VERY annoying.

Especially if you live on the West Coast and watch Reality TV.

Here is little ole’ me wandering the interwebs.
Minding my own business.
A Facebook click here, a Twitter click there.
Checking my email.
Eating a cookie.
Waiting for the {insert reality show} results show to air.

Then it happens.

Someone’s status update declaring their jubilation or horror at the show’s results.  My show.  My show that I still have to wait three hours until it airs here in the West.


I click away super fast, but it’s too late.  The damage is done.  The result show final has been ruined for me.

So please take this lesson, especially if you live in an earlier time zone than your online friends:


I now know that the person I’ve voted for all season long has lost.  There is no point in watching the show.  I don’t care anymore.  The suspense is gone.  The anticipation, the excitement.  Gone.  All because you had to open your big mouth on my Facebook wall.

Next time.  Just say something generic.

“YAY!  So glad my favorite won!”

“BOO!  Stupid results!”

I’m not asking you not to share your happiness or sorrow.  Just leave the names out of it.  Your West Coast friends will thank you for it later.