OF COURSE Casey is my Douche Canoe of the week!  Who else could it possibly be?

Casey Anthony sucks.  Ok.  Let us pretend that she really didn’t kill her beautiful daughter (I know, it’s hard), why in the world would a mother NOT report her missing child, choosing instead to go out and party it up?!

What the hell??

And it wasn’t just a day or so, because she had previous plans (which is still bad), but it was an entire month?  31 Days People!

As a mother, I am outraged at this woman’s behavior.  How could the jury not convict her on the child abuse charge?  I think not reporting a missing child IS child abuse.

I suppose I should add the Florida State prosecutors here, too since they couldn’t manage to prove what the entire Nation already knew.

Casey Killed Caylee.  May she rest in peace.