Thank you so much for asking about my little Gabo and his minor surgery yesterday.  He is fine and we were home eating CoCo Puff’s by lunch.

Gabe and daddy had some nice bonding time over the Star Wars Lego’s sticker book that Grandma bought for him.  The sticker books were a life-saver because we waited in a little room for about ninety minutes before anything exciting happened.  All the waiting in pre-op is a killer, especially for a five year old.

He was being so very good.  He never complained about his missed glass of morning chocolate milk.  He never cried over missing his brothers.  An amazing little package of strength while mommy was secretly terrified.

Gabe never showed any fear until it was time to go through the big double doors…without mommy.  I just stood there while the nurse put her arm around him and tried to pull him to the operating room.  He started crying and saying “NO!”  I couldn’t do anything but stand there and watch.  It broke my heart!  I don’t really understand why I wasn’t allowed to go back with him.  Everyone I had talked to said I would be with him until he was put under, but that was not the case.

We were pushed out into the lobby to wait.

I was told “he’ll be out of your sight for thirty minutes.”

Thirty minutes came and went.  Then forty-five.  Then an hour.  I was starting to get anxious.

Then blessed Dr. Adorable came out to tell me they were all done.

Aw, my little monkey!  All groggy from the general anesthesia.  Lucky for me, it did not take long for him to perk right up.  He was talking about CoCo Puffs and Slurpee’s and wanting to see his brothers.  It was time to go home.

Dr. Adorable told us he removed a Lipoma from behind Gabe’s ear.  He also deep cleaned the inside of his ears because he has a very bad wax build-up problem that effects his daily hearing.  The Lipoma was sent off to pathology even though we don’t expect it to be anything worrisome.

Thank you for your comments here and on Facebook.  Thank you so much for caring about my little Love.