We have a cheap little Intex pool that we bought in 2009.  It is 10 feet in diameter and was a perfect size for the boys…in 2009, not so much now.  We did not set the pool up last summer (2010) because of the San Diego water shortage.  We did not want fined for filling up the 950 gallon pool.  This year, the ban was lifted and they were thrilled to get to use their pool again.

I went about the chore of setting it up last week.  It was about 100 plus degrees with high humidity.  It sucked.  But because I’m a good mom, I wanted the boys to be able to swim and cool off.

I dragged the pool out and laid it where I wanted it to go.  I was a sweaty hot mess.  I was fighting a head cold.  The boys were impatiently “helping.”  I got it all smoothed out and was trying to figure out how to attach the pump again.

More sweating.

It was gross.

I was thinking “why the hell is the pump hose attachments on the wrong side of this damn pool?

Bob chimed in, “I think the pool is inside out.  Shouldn’t all the warnings and stuff be on the outside?”

NO BOB!  This is how it goes.  I’ve done it before.  Just go back in the house why don’t you?

I proceeded to disassemble the pump hose attachments and switch them so they were facing the “outside.”

I got the pump attached and managed not to pass the hell out while blowing up the outside floaty ring (because Bob couldn’t find the attachment for his air pump).

I began to fill the pool.  The boys cheered.  I was Mother of the Year!

A few hours later, the pool is full but it does not look right.  The “fill line” is on the outside and that just doesn’t make any sense either.

I send Bob a text, “So, what do you think would happen if the pool was inside out?”

No answer.

He calls me later and him and my dad are just laughing their butts off at me.

Screw them.

It is Bob’s fault that the pool is inside out.  If he had just left me alone, I would have realized I made a mistake and would have corrected it.  But, because he had to butt in and tell me I was wrong, I ignored him.  Men should know by now that they should never tell a woman what to do.