Ten years ago I married my best friend….


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Ten Year’s!  Holy Shit!

I can’t believe he’s put up with my nonsense for ten whole years.  That’s like “grown up” time right there.  I guess this means I am a grown up?  Well, that just sucks because I haven’t figured out what I want to be when I grow up yet.  I guess I missed that boat.

Honestly, the past ten years have gone by really fast.  I think having three boys has something to do with that.  It hasn’t always been easy…he annoys me.  A lot.  But we really get along well.    It’s hard to explain.  He still completes my sentences and I usually will pick up the conversation he is having in his head.  Do you ever just start talking and the other person says, “wow, I was just thinking that?”  Well, we do that all the time.

He didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he married a young gal like me (18 years is our age difference).  He was “done” with kids.  HA, I showed him!  And at 50 something years old, he didn’t expect to be having all the troubles a young married couple would face.  But he does his best and I appreciate him for that.

But, here we are.  Ten years later.  It is shocking to a lot of people that we made it this far.  Bob is a good person and a good dad and I love him despite his annoyances.  That my friends, is true love.

PS.  I win.