For the record:  I love gay.  I have absolutely no problems with homosexuals, gay’s, fag’s whatever you want to call them.  I have family of that persuasion and one of my oldest and dearest friends is gay (even he doesn’t like the way “fags” act…he’s words. Not mine).  I adore him and his long time partner.  I think same-sex marriage should be legal.


But, I DO have a problem with Gay Pride Parade’s.

I just don’t understand why gay pride parade’s and festivals have to be full of near naked gyrating people.  Then they dare to call these “family” events.  There is no way in hell I would ever take my kids to something like that because I don’t need them exposed to SEX.  The costumes are ridiculous!  Or perhaps I should say “lack” of costumes.  And, I don’t think that this behavior really helps their cause, it just makes them look like sexed up idiots.
Really?  You need a GIANT green wiener to demonstrate your pride?  You need to wear your underwear and fairy wings to show you’re proud to be gay?  Is this really the way they think it’s best to show the world that homosexual people should be respected?  And you think I want to take my kids out to see it?

Um, no.  I don’t think so.

Why do regular people need to go out and act so inappropriate?  These are business men and women, members of the military, smart and successful.  Parents for goodness sakes.

Gay, straight, alien, what the fuck ever.  Go out into the world and BE PROUD, just put on some clothes and act respectable if you want to be respected.