This weeks recap of America’s Got Talent is really special because not only did it air live last night, but me and my hubby were actually LIVE in the audience!

It was SO cool!

We were guests of AT&T and had really great seats.  I was shocked to discover that the actual theater is not really as big as it appears on TV.  We were in the fourth row, on Piers Morgan’s side, all the way to the left isle.  We could see everything so well, and depending on who you ask, this was a good spot for not getting a lot of TV shots.

Since I knew were to look, I was able to watch the episode on my DVR this morning and I can share with you my 7 seconds of fame!

I think it was the third act of the night, Magician Seth Grabel when we spotted ourselves on TV.  Forgive the quality of these pictures…I was taking cell phone pictures of my television.  lol!

Coming back from commercial I noticed this shot of Bob and I.  It’s the closest we get to actual face time…even if it is only the backs of our heads.

And finally this was a panned out shot from behind the stage while the Purrfect Angelz were performing their dance routine.

Sitting right behind us the entire time was a country vocal group from Season 4, The Texas Tenors.   When these, way to pretty for their own good “cowboys” came in and sat down next to us, we kinda made fun of them.  I live in a hick, cowboy town and there aren’t any boys around here with such beautifully suntanned skin and pearly white teeth.  I didn’t realize that they were former contestants until later when AGT staff came over to say “hello” to them.  But as the taping went on I realized these guys were really nice!  I tweeted them a little this morning and they truly do seem just as nice as they are beautiful.

The live taping was a really neat experience.  Before the show started, we pre-taped a few “back from commercial” transitions that they could play later to give themselves extra time to set up the acts.  We were also treated last night to a performance by the cast of Les Miserables who are on stage in LA at the Ahmanson Theater.  The performance won’t air until later, but they pre-recorded it last night and it was really something to watch.  They were amazing!

We had a host named Cory that was just fantastic.  He was funny and engaging and kept the audience entertained during commercials.  He also encouraged us to cheer when we were supposed to and boo when appropriate.

Our seats were right near the exit that the Judges came in and out of so we weren’t 3 feet away from Howie, Sharon and Piers as they came and went.  Howie and Sharon were so gracious and smiled and waved.  Piers must have had a fire in his pants because he blazed in and out as fast as he could.

It was all very surreal.

Of all twelve acts that performed last night, here are my three favorite that I really hope go through to the next round:


Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. has been a favorite since his first audition. I was thrilled when I found out he was performing at this show. He was SO good live, I would pay to see him in Vegas in a heartbeat.

Lys Agnes is just beautiful and her performance gave me goose bumps. I really hope she makes it through, but Piers wasn’t so nice to her and I hope that America isn’t swayed by him.

Oh.My.God, Captain & Maybelle are a couple of crazy people!  DO NOT WATCH THIS IF YOU HAVE A QUEASY TUMMY!  Not for the faint of heart that’s for sure.  I could NOT look away even when I wanted to.  The people around me were hilarious as they reacted to the revulsion on stage.  But you know what?  They are very entertaining and good at what they do.

So that was my night.  It was so awesome!  Even though we didn’t get home till midnight, it was well worth the drive to LA (3 hours) for this show.  I can’t wait to see how the results go tonight, I hope America gets it right!