Ya know, I’m not even sure how or where to start this post.  I have been reeling since last night with so many emotions.  I was happily watching America’s Got Talent when a commercial for the 11 o’clock news came on.  I wasn’t even paying that much attention but I hear “Prominent San Diego Attorney Guilty of Selling Babies .”

I glanced up and see MY surrogacy attorney on the TV.  Well that just has to be wrong, I misheard and Theresa must be consulting on the case or something.  I rewind.

Nope.  Not a mistake.  The attorney is Theresa Erickson.  My attorney for two surrogacy journeys plead guilty to selling babies.


I literally felt sick to my stomach.  This is a person I was friendly with.  She did all of my surrogacy contracts and my pre-birth orders.  She had agreed to write a guest post here on my blog (that never came to fruition) and I had hoped at one time to be a contributor to her Erickson Law Blog (no longer a live website).  She is my Facebook friend.  I adore and respect her Senior Paralegal who has helped me many times.  I admired and respected her and her position.  I really wanted to work for her agency helping other surrogates realize their dreams of helping parents create families.

Theresa was tall, beautiful and successful.  She helped many celebrities become parents (Elton John & Michael Jackson were named).  She was well respected in the Family Law and Surrogacy fields.  WHY would she jeopardize it all for this??

United States Attorney Laura E. Duffy announced today that Theresa Erickson entered a guilty plea before United States Magistrate Judge William McCurine, Jr., in which she admitted to being part of a baby-selling ring that deceived the Superior Court of California and prospective parents for unborn babies.  {Continue reading at FBI.gov}

We work really hard trying to show the world that surrogacy is beautiful.  Surrogacy is not a bunch of poor exploited women selling their babies to the highest bidder.  Surrogacy is an amazingly life-changing event and one of the things I am most proud of in my life.  For Theresa to just go along being greedy and tainting something that I love dearly makes me angry.

So VERY angry!

I think I am so sad because of the disappointment.  I trusted Theresa (like so many other surrogates and intended families).  I trusted her with my surro-babes.  I trusted that she was a good person.

I am so disappointed.

Please if you are reading this and you are not familiar with surrogacy, please don’t let this person taint your opinion.  Read through my good surrogacy stories.  Surrogacy is life changing and beautiful.  To see families where there was no hope for one before surrogacy is one of the most amazing things ever.  We are not a bunch of baby-selling greedy assholes like Theresa Erickson.

I found this article interesting about the whole thing if you want to read more.