I love tattoo’s!  I think so many of them are just beautiful.  Of course, many of them are not and I love looking through the tattoo fail blog every day laughing at what those  people were thinking.  But more often than not, I love tattoo’s.  The only reason I don’t have more is because I’m poor (it’s not an inexpensive habit ya know).  So instead of getting my own tattoo’s, I admire others.  Here are some well known tattooed celebrities in all their glory.

Johnny Depp.  YUM!  He doesn’t even seem to have that many, but he is eye candy all on his own so of course he is included on my list.

Drew Berrymore.  This one is included for my husband because he kinda has an inappropriate crush on Drew. You’re welcome, Dear.

Tommy Lee.  There would not be a tattoo post on my blog if I didn’t mention Tommy.  I kinda have an inappropriate crush on him.  *drool*

David Beckham.  I’m really not sure why I think my boy Tommy is more drool worth than David…but no denying that can rock his tattoo’s.

Megan Fox.  She’s hot.  Enough said.

Adam Levine.  I wasn’t a huge fan of Adam or his group, Maroon 5, until I became a fan of  The Voice.  This is only a partial picture of this NUDE photo shoot.  Maybe I should have gone with Naked Adam?

Can’t have a celebrity tattoo post without Angelina Jolie.  She is so beautiful and while I think her tattoo’s are kinda random, I know they mean a lot to her and she wears them well.

Do you have a lot of tattoo’s?  I only have one little dinky ankle tat that I got when I was about 20 years old (I think).  I have plans for others, but who knows if I will ever get them done.  I certainly won’t look as good as these people do sporting them (half) naked.