I love cake and if you read me at all you know I try my best to decorate cool cakes for my kids.  I would LOVE LOVE to take a cake decorating class and try to do this professionally.  It just makes me so happy to share cakes and cupcakes with my friends!  Unfortunately, classes aren’t cheap around here (what is in SoCal?).  For now, I will just add it to my bucket list.

There are not a lot of cute options out there for twin’s birthday’s so I went looking for some ideas for cakes.

1st Birthday Twins CakeA prince and princess theme for a boy/girl set of twins!  You can click the pic to go to the designers website.  CUTE!

Dog birthday cake

Aww! So cute if your little ones like doggies.

Very clever for an eight birthday, dontcha think?

I love this whimsical dinosaur cake!  This is the kind of cakes I would love to learn to make.  The detail is just amazing.  You could do Puff the Magic Dragon  theme or just hire one of those reptile shows to come to the party.  FUN!

I still want to do a Thing 1 and Thing 2 birthday theme for the boys.  SO.MUCH.FUN.  But every time I ask the boys if they will let me do Dr. Seuss, they find some other cheesy theme in the party book.  Total spoil sports.

Monkeys!  How appropriate…

A super cute Mickey and Minnie cake.  Another great option for boy/girl twins.

Of course I can not have a twin’s birthday cake post without including my very own Mario & Sonic cake.  Duh!

Or, how about my first attempt at a cool cake with this Mario and Luigi cake?  Yep.  I made that, too.  Go me!  I was really proud of it.

So I think this cake is just WRONG on so many levels.  But it’s also pretty darn funny.  I hope this was for a twin baby shower and not an actual birthday party!