In 2004 I brought home my first bouncing, baby boy and my sleep was never the same again.

About the time my first son started sleeping through the night, I brought home my second…and third…bouncing baby boy’s.

If you think you don’t get any sleep with a newborn singleton, just imagine that doubled.

I think Nathan was two before he slept through the night and while Gabriel was a great sleeper at a young age, he was an “early to bed, early to rise” kinda kid.  Six AM was his normal wake up time for several years.  It did not matter what time he went to sleep (I tried keeping him up later) he was up at 6am.  He was a little alarm clock.

Somehow, 6am has slowly been pushed back.  Gabe was waking up at 6:30 for a bit.  Then 7am.  OMG!  This has to be a fluke right?  Of course, the morning he would sleep past 7am, one of his brothers would be up at 6am for some reason or another.

Sleep was elusive.

The past two weeks every child in this house has slept past 7am and several mornings have me awake first while they sleep till close to EIGHT.

EIGHT AM people.


Now?  School starts in 11 days.  I will have to wake them all up at 6:30am.  On purpose.

It is a cruel, cruel joke and I’m not laughing.