It is really kind of funny to me, but I still get a fair amount of google searches looking for my long lost Tuesday Giveaway Linky.  So instead of fighting it, I decided to go with the flow and bring it back!  There was really no reason for it to go away, I was just lazy (story of my life sometimes).  And, since I don’t have as many of my own giveaways happening on a regular basis (they are a LOT of work) I figured a Tuesday linky would be nice for my readers who like to win stuff.

What My Friends are up To

Cheryl has lost her marbles (again) and is doing a 100 DAY MEME about movies.  Good grief.  100 days??  Anyhow, if you like movies, check it out and perhaps you can lose your marbles with her.

Kathleen is scouring Craigslist for Ugly For Sale Items and it’s HILARIOUS.  I can’t believe people try to sell this shit.

Heather is putting her daughter’s dolls on Death Row.  Please go save them.

Amanda is gearing up for the Fall and already talking about Halloween Costumes.  Ugh.

My friend, Lucy has new and exciting things coming as she just passed her Real Estate License exam! Go Lucy!  No links for her, she’s too busy being smart.

And if you missed it, I have a guest post up at my friend Gini’sblog.  Go me!  I feel like a real live blogger now.  Woot! (You know “woot” is now officially in the dictionary.  It was on the news last night).

On To The Giveaways!

Link up your giveaway posts only, NO HOME PAGES.  Direct URL to a giveaway post.  If you have 10 giveaways, feel free to link up 10 times (then go have a drink for I know you are exhausted).

Please link using this format:  NAME OF GIVEAWAY ITEM (PRIZE) / EXPIRATION DATE