Las Vegas is where I was supposed to be going today.  It is where I was supposed to have been going three different times now over the past two months (changing work schedules and kids are so not good for a social life).  I wanted something fun and fabulous to celebrate 10 years of marriage with my husband and a weekend getaway was going to be it.  We have never had a weekend away from the kids.  Maybe an overnight (or two) but that is it in six years.  Never have we gone out of town or left them for more than a night.

We were supposed to stay at this gorgeous resort, Ravella at Lake Las Vegas.  A hotel built on a man made lake reminiscent of old world Italy.  It sounds just divine.

A pristine room like this is where I would have been spending my Friday.  Laying in bed, watching TV, ordering room service.  No body yelling, “MMOOOMMM!!! I NEED TOILET PAPER” from the bathroom.  Sweet blissful silence.

Although, I understand that Ravella has a fabulous Kid Club with activities for the kids when you want adult time.  I thought that was pretty cool..even though I had no desire to actually bring the kids.

I will not be walking on their lakeside sandy beaches, I will not be strolling hand in hand through this Italian-inspired oasis in the desert.

I’m so sad.

Yesterday started out good.  I was actually excited to be gathering laundry so I could get everyone packed for the weekend adventures.  Then I got a phone call from my brother, who was my designated babysitter.  Things in his life were stressful and he couldn’t watch the kids.  He had a garage to finish converting into a bedroom and there just wasn’t time for extra kids.

Frankly, I was pissed!  But more importantly than even that, I was mortified that I was going to have to cancel my reservations…again.  I had already changed the plans of this trip twice before.  I was going to look like a fool.  I was not looking forward to that one little bit.

But then I was consumed with sadness.  Sad that I wasn’t going to get my weekend away from wiping asses and fetching toilet paper.  No rest for the weary.

Then I was pissed again.

Did I mention I got my husband tickets to see the Blue Man Group?  OMGosh, my husband was so excited to finally get to see this show.  He has talked about it since I’ve known him.

Then my brother called me back.  He decided he could watch the boys, it’s just that he is really stressed to get things done.  I understood.  Really.  I just wish he had said “no” from the beginning, then I wouldn’t be in this disappointing predicament.

But now, it looked like Vegas was again in my sights.  I packed my suitcase.

I then made a phone call to my friend who said she would watch my dog when we went to Vegas.  Of course, she had said this a month ago when our trip was first planned.  But silly me, I had assumed it would be fine so I hadn’t called her earlier.  You know that old saying about making “assumptions?”  Yeah.  Well.  Don’t assume.  It turns out my friend got a new little puppy.  Yesterday.  And dealing with my dog’s special medical concerns along with a new puppy was going to be too much for this weekend.

And so now I’m back into sadness.

Sadness for not getting to do anything special with my husband for our 10th year of marriage.  Sad that I probably make bloggers look like assholes to Las Vegas Resorts.  I’m just sad and disappointed.  This day has been an emotional roller coaster.

I need a drink.


I was able to find an inexpensive kennel this morning to take my pug!  YAY!  Right?  Nope.  Now, since my babysitter didn’t think the trip was on, he stayed up all night working and can’t take the kids today.  FML

It really should not be this complicated.