All three of my boys went to school today.  *sniff*  I’ve been really conflicted about sending them to school and not continuing to homeschool, but the smiles and excitement on their face made it all worth while.

My big boy going off to second grade!  When did that happen?

And sending TWO little boys off to Kindergarten was very exciting.

They were all smiles from the moment I woke them up.  Nate wasn’t awake one minute and he said “today we’re going to school?”  And, when I said “yes” he squealed and came running out to find his clothes.  It was rough telling them to “slow down!”

When did my little babies become all grown up?  I don’t think I like it one bit.

“Thumb’s up, mom!”

I’m sitting here with the History Channel on TV.  It’s quiet.  I’m bored.  Maybe I’ll clean something?