It has only been two days and I’ve already noticed the following:

1.  Before school started, I would run the dishwasher twice a day, now I’m lucky to find enough for an entire load worth of dirty dishes.  When you remove 3 little people, you use 437 less dirty cups/spoons/plastic bowls on a daily basis.

2.  Your house is quiet for six entire hours.

3.  You can use the bathroom in silence.

4.  You can take a very long shower without being interrupted 583 times because someone is hitting/spitting/screaming/in need of butt wiping.

5.  You can watch adult television programming like True Blood, Days of our Lives or Porn (not that I would watch porn).

6.  You can come home from dropping the kids off at school and GO BACK TO SLEEP.

7.  You can drink an entire cup of coffee without your kids stealing it (what?  That doesn’t happen in your house?).

8.  You don’t find yourself flushing the kids’ toilet 146 times a day because someone took a poop and left it there to smell up the entire house.

9.  Your house stays cleaner longer because little people aren’t following you around undoing all the cleaning up you just did for sport.

And my favorite….

10.  You will find yourself actually liking your children again.

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