I was so excited at the idea of sending wholesome and cute lunches to school with my boys.  I had grand visions of adorable little Bento’s that would delight my children and make them feel their mamma’s love all the way at school.

No. Such. Luck.


It is only day two.  I’ve made six cute lunches and I’ve thrown five of them in the trash.


Gabriel ate the above pictured lunch on Monday (bless his heart).  Anthony ate one or two pizza sticks, but the rest was tossed.  Nathan “forgot” he took a lunch and ate in the cafeteria.

Today they all had pasta with carrot slices, grilled chicken and shredded cheese.  Nate had tomato’s (he is the only one who likes tomato’s).  Every single lunch.  In the trash.  Anthony decided he wanted cafeteria food, the littles just “didn’t like it.”


I spent hours running around to five different stores on Saturday to find these cute little lunch containers with the ice pack built into them so that their lunches would stay fresh.  I bought two different sets of drink containers because the first set was too big for their box.  I painstakingly planned grocery shopping so that I could provide lots of fun lunch eats.  And, now?  They all want cafeteria food.  Ugly, processed, pumped up full of preservatives cafeteria food.

Good-bye cute lunch boxes.  Good-bye healthy and fun food.  My kids suck.