I’m sorry.  My kids are in school and I’m BORED.  You would think that I could use this time to be infinitely creative and write masterful posts about philosophical things.  But, no.  Instead, I am sharing pictures of things you would never catch me dead doing.  Just looking at these pictures make me nauseous.  Won’t you be nauseous with me?

Are you afraid of heights? Come to Preikestolen, Norway!This is in Preikestolen, Norway.  You could not pay me money to go out there.  If you click on the image, it will take you to this guy’s Flickr where in his description he mentions that 10 people FELL OFF just that day.  I have no idea if that’s true or not, but it’s completely believable to me.

Not enough pay in the World for me to take this job.  These people are CRAZY.

I don’t remember where I found this picture, but I think it’s a photoshop edit.  Either way, it’s super cool and wicked scary all at the same time.  I would not be able to meditate here for I would be in a panic and on the verge of a heart attack.

I would walk my fat ass out onto this glass and go crashing to my death.  No Thank You.

This is my very own lovely husband who was constantly scaring the shit out out of me while at the Grand Canyon last year.  I have many pictures of him out on the ledge looking over.  I guess he was really trying to see what it would be like to leave me a widow.

Are you afraid of heights?