The television has been full of personal survivor stories these past few days, I can not help but watch and remember and cry.  Instead of telling you all (again) where I was on on that day, I thought I would share a few stories that I’ve come across in recent days that have touched me.  Which, really let’s face it, all of them touch me.


Dutch photographer Charlotte Dumas traveled the US in search of the nearly 100 rescue dogs that worked the tower wreckage in the days following 9/11.  She found 15 still alive and this article has those pictures along with some of their stories.  The book, Retrieved will be released for sale this weekend to commemorate the anniversary.

“When my kids smile, the terrorists lose”

I watched the story of Janet Alonso, who died when the towers fell, on The Today Show this week.  Janet had just returned to work from delivering her son (with Down Syndrome) when 9/11 happened.  The amazing strength of her remaining family and the love that their dad has for the children were amazing to see.  Watch the Video Here (I can not get the embed code to work here…sorry.  But, totally worth the click over to watch).  It was just a reminder that 3000 children lost a parent on that tragic day.

The Twin Towers Movie Cameo History

I was watching Men in Black yesterday with the kids and I noticed the Towers in the background. It’s really something else how many movies feature the iconic view. Filmmaker, Dan Meth made a movie of clips.

Twin Tower Cameos from Dan Meth on Vimeo.


If you have a story about September 11th on your website, I would love for you to share it here. God Bless America.