This Star Wars Death Star cake was a lot harder to execute than I had anticipated.

I had SUCH a difficult time making the fondant.  I think it might have been the rainy weather.  It was too dry, then it was too sticky.  Then I added some Crisco and it was a globby mess.  I started it over THREE times before I was able to get the cake covered.  I also spelled “birthday” wrong but luckily was able to fix it.

I made the Death Star out of rice crispy treats and then tried “painting” the details on with black gel food coloring.  I wouldn’t recommend you try it.  The food coloring doesn’t dry (very quickly) and anytime we handled the Death Star we got black color all over our hands…and shirt…and pants…and table….

It may not be THE coolest cake in the world…but my seven year old and all of his friends thought it was pretty awesome.