I don’t have the patience to carve a cool pumpkin.  I always have big ideas and aspirations and once I’m done scooping guts, I’m done.  That’s enough effort for me.  But take a look at what these people have done to create some cool pumpkin carvings!

It’s a Mario Pumpkin!  We LOVE Mario!  {via}

This is for Gabriel because he is obsessed with Frankenstein right now. {via}

This is really a pumpkin and it’s really this lady’s FACE.  Isn’t that awesome?  I most certainly do not have the patience to do something like this…but if you are brave and want to try it, here is the tutorial to carve your face in a pumpkin.

It’s a Halloween Moon!  *snort*  {via}

This Deathstar Pumpkin looks a lot better than my cake version, that’s for sure!  {via}

smiley pumpkin

I think this is my favorite, he looks so happy!  {click photo to see more of Philip Hay’s Flickr}

Have you ever carved a cool pumpkin?  More than just triangle eyes and vampire teeth??   Maybe one of these days I’ll attempt something fabulous, for now I will remain lazy.