Let me preface this entire post by telling my husband and my mother that I am NOT planning another wedding!  I am perfectly happy.  But, I do love to look at wedding pictures and wedding websites and see all the latest and greatest trends.  I love to plan parties (I really missed my calling on that career), so this is just a fun post to dream about what kind of wedding I might plan today.  For anyone…not necessarily for me.

The Cake

Oh, I love the black, white and purple color theme.  It is gorgeous.  When I got married, I did have different colored tiers, but the colors were pastel and understated.  I think if I were planning my wedding today I would not be afraid to go BOLD {via}

 The Dress

I actually did have a purple wedding dress…but it was a very pale lavender so you can’t even tell it’s purple in my pictures.  I think this dark purple is much more suited to my personality.

The RingsWhen Bob and I went ring shopping I had a vision of a diamond solitaire with tanzanite accents.  I ended up with something beautiful, but entirely different from what I had imagined.  Ten years later, I still dream of a diamond and tanzanite ring…maybe on our 20th anniversary?

I think we both might have benefited from some tungsten rings instead of the traditional gold ones.  Tungsten wedding bands are both gorgeous and durable since they resist everyday scratches.  I know Bob’s ring is all scuffed up and my poor ring needs a serious polishing.

Dessert Table

Damask Purple Dessert TableI would love to have an afternoon wedding so I could just do a beautiful dessert table like this (click the photo for flickr credits).  Dessert tables are very much in fashion and I have seem some really creative ones lately.  You can have so much fun with a dessert table!

What would your dream wedding today be like?  The wedding I had was beautiful and I loved it but it is still so much fun to imagine another!