Gabriel thinks I am the coolest mom ever right now.  All because I helped him to make a scarecrow.  Really…it’s SO easy.  You can make one, too.


  • Old jeans/pants
  • Long sleeve shirt (western style, plaid, flannels all work really well)
  • newspaper
  • String, twine, raffia, twist ties…whatever to tie off the ends and attach the shirt to the pants.
  • Hat (sillier the better)
  • Head (pumpkins are heavy…but masks work well).

Tie of the ends of the legs and arms and have your kids stuff them with crumpled newspaper.  Once filled you need to attach the shirt to the pants.  I was using an old shirt, so I snipped a couple holes in 4 places around the shirt and used twist ties to affix the shirt and pants.  It doesn’t have to be super strong or even neat if you are just setting it out.

For the head, I had an old wooden mask that I purchased at the craft store last year and the boys painted.  So I tied it onto a brown plastic grocery bag and set it on the neck area.  Then add your hat.

I think a pumpkin would be too heavy (especially for our small scarecrow) but an imitation pumpkin would probably work really well, or you can stuff a full size scary mask if you want a more ominous presence.

So simple.  Took about 20 minuets and my kids think I’m so smart!  It’s a win-win.