I am so very lucky, this is the second pair of adorable Jambu shoes I’ve gotten the pleasure of reviewing!  I am just in love with all of the designs and every time I go to the Jambu Adventure Design website I end up spending a ton of time trying to decide what style is my new favorite.   For the fall, I chose a closed toe shoe (for our harsh Southern California winters…HA) from the All Terra Design collection.

About the All Terra’s:

The All Terra Designs™ average between 5 – 9.7 oz. All Jambu™ styles have an eco-friendly partially recycled rubber outsole for superior grip and memory foam insoles to provide maximum comfort as well as all day support. These flat but rugged shoes range from close-toed sandals that are perfect for fall, to sneakers, and winter-ready, waterproof boots.

These are my Jupiter’s.  Aren’t they CUTE?

I love that all Jambu shoes are made specifically for women.  So, they have a lot of really feminine details that make me smile.

Can you see the floral imprint on the inside of my shoe?  The insole is so squishy and comfortable, made with a memory foam that is so nice on the bottom of our feet.

A lot of their designs have a very pretty floral motif, and it carries through even to the bottoms of the shoe.  It’s paying attention to these little details that make Jambu very special.

I find Jambu Shoes to be very true to size.  Which is sad for me because I have giant, Bam Bam feet.  I loved my mule style shoes so much that this time I went with an enclosed toe and heel style.  Jambu’s go up to a size 11 and I push just past 11, so this enclosed shoe is a little tight on my feet.  I was hoping they would stretch a little but because of the rubberized toes, they don’t stretch much.  Boo.  I am still determined to wear them (because they are too cute not to!) I just have to use them for short trips.  I really think if they were half size bigger, these would be the perfect shoe since they are very comfortable on the bottoms of my feet.

Where to Buy Jambu

Jambu Adventure Design shoes are available on Amazonor you can visit their website to find a store near you.