Once upon a time, there was a newbie blogger.  She was fumbling with her blog, trying to figure out how to make it work.  Wondering how to get visitors.  Scratching her head trying to figure out how to get on the “radar.”  For several months I be-bopped along, all by myself.  It was frustrating and discouraging and I felt like quitting.  A lot.

But, then, I found a community of other “mom bloggers.”

I made friends and I learned.  OH!  I learned SO much!  I’ve been with this fabulous community for a few years now and my blog has changed and grown so much in that time.  I will always be forever grateful for the knowledge that I received.

The most important piece of advice I garnered from this community of bloggers is that one should never underestimate themselves!

I have realized that I am smart and capable.  I know what I am doing and I do have something to offer others.

A year or so ago I formed an “alliance” with five other bloggers that I met in the larger community.  This small group is amazing.  Each lady is a little bit different, our niche’s are not identical.  We have been able to share and learn with each other in a much more intimate setting and we have become very close.  These five ladies are my best friends!

One day, we asked ourselves, “why can’t we market ourselves as a group?”  Companies and brands know that there is power in numbers, and together our numbers were impressive.  We knew that we could grow exponentially as a packaged deal and so, Eclectic Six Media was born.

Eclectic Six Media started out as a way to market ourselves as a group.  We wanted it to be a group blog of sorts and from there our ideas and ambitions just took off!  We ended up adding a blogger community forum so that we could offer to other bloggers a place to belong.  We wanted to offer to others a safe place for asking questions and learning.  We decided to build our own brand and community of bloggers and we will be working to bring opportunities to others as well.

The most important thing I’ve learned about this blogging business is that you really can not do this alone.  You need friends.

If you are a blogger, a newbie or a seasoned professional, I want to invite you to join our forums and check it out.  There is already a great group of people forming and I can’t wait to see what it develops into.  There will be a cash contest going live in November where forum members can win $100.00!  I know $100.00 goes a long way with the holidays coming!  Join the forums to hear about the details.

Also, please consider joining our Newletter or following us on Facebook and Twitter.   I am so excited about this new chapter in my bloggy career and I hope you decide to come with me!