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Pinterest Has Taught Me

That I don’t have a creative bone in my body!

It took me a long time to finally join Pinterest.  I kept seeing all my friends join and talk about it. ” Blah blah blah…it’s so wonderful!”    I figured it was just going to be another time-suck.  And do you know what?

It Is!

But, I am having a fabulous time looking and “pinning.”  I have found a lot of inspiration for the holidays and things I want to make for my house.  Here are a few of my favorite finds (so far) that remind me that I am not nearly as creative as I always hope to be.


This is a weekly organizer/calendar made with photo frames and written on with dry-erase markers. So much cuter than a regular puppy-dog calendar, don’t you think? Right now we get by without a “family” calender, but I’m sure as the boys start doing more extra-curricular activities, I might need to make this.

Source: via Rhea on Pinterest


A bookshelf made out of apple crates! How fun is this? It looks so rustic and charming, yet it would not cost much to build. This item was originally pinned from ebay so someone out there has these for sale. Very clever.


How adorably retro are these cookie-sheet magnet boards? The blogger originally made them for her daughters art projects, but they would be really cute in any retro kitchen.


What a fun and clever Christmas gift this could be! It was originally pinned as a Valentines Day gift, but I think I might be making one for Christmas.


I love peppermint bark but it never occurred to me that I could make it pretty with molds.

Are you already on Pinterest?  I would love to follow more people, it’s a lot of fun to see what my different friends find interesting or beautiful.  You can follow OhRheally on Pinterest and I’ll be sure to follow you back!

PS:  Being a blogger, I understand photo copyright and took extra steps to try and make sure the original creators of the above items were linked.  If this is your image and it’s not properly credited, please let me know so I can fix it or remove it.




  1. I have that same bookcase pinned … I need to find some apple crates!

  2. I could spend all day on Pinterest. I’m currently gathering ideas for Christmas activities. So fun!

  3. The creativity on Pinterest always makes my head spin. I’d love to come up with designs on my own!

  4. Just started following you-my name on there is the same as my email!

  5. I joined but got a little confused on how to pin things. I have it on my list of things to do though!

  6. I like Pinterest, but it’s such a time suck. I forget to pin things as I surf too.

  7. You’re not alone. I don’t have a creative bone in mine either.

  8. It is a great way to share ideas, likes and interests. Much easier to navigate than Facebook with all your shares in one place, not lost amongst a sea of comments, check ins, and mumbo jumbo. I have also found it a great way to become inspired when my crafty imagination is locked up or spent.

  9. I luv Pinterest! Since I don’t get a chance to read magazines except at the grocery store checkout line (snicker) I find so much inspiration on Pinterest!

    Word of caution – I changed my user name and lost access to all my boards and thought I’d lost all of my pins! Horrors! But after several email attempts, the kind folks finally re-coded for me and I’m back up and running again – checking out crafts, recipes, and sharing my finds!

  10. I love all your pins! :) The photo wreath is a must-do! I also love love love the apple crates! I was thinking for my cat- he loves to climb and snuggle into small spots.

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