Have you ever heard the term Omniture ?  I’ve never even heard the word before this week when someone told me I should check it out.

“Increase Content Relevance through Conversion Website Optimization”

Say what?

This is completely Greek to me.  I consider myself a smart girl.  I went to college (although I never finished…I decided getting married was much more important…and then I got divorced.  That showed me).  I am a “business” owner (term used lightly since I do not make much money so it’s safe to say my “business” is failing).   But, I do pretty well at Jeopardy so that makes me smartish. Right?

Well, I was cruising around the internet and decided to check out this website for business analytics.

Yeah.  I feel real ignorant now.


Perhaps I should go back to school and take some business classes?

Nah, I’ll just go back to pinning fun things on Pinterest…

Source: google.com via Rhea on Pinterest

Yep. That is MUCH better!