I’m developing a little infatuation with old vintage travel trailers.  I’ve always liked them.  They are cute and charming.  I’m starting to peruse Craigslist more often looking for old trailers for sale that perhaps I could restore them and make them colorful and fun and mine.

My family thinks I’m nutty.

I’ve been following the journey of Britt Reints as she dropped everything to travel in a trailer with her family.  Her family of four live in a trailer.  They sold everything and off they went.

I am so envious of her spirit.  I want to restore an old trailer and then go off and live this spirit, but too many “real life” complications make me afraid to just pick up and go.  I’ve told Bob that we should do it.  Unfortunately, he’s entirely too practical.

In the meantime (while I talk Bob into selling everything and moving into a tiny trailer) I’m mentally making a list of the first places I would like to visit.  In no particular order, for no particular reason (well…I LOVE New Orleans and would love to visit every chance I’m given).

Portland Oregon

I’ve been to Portland and it is absolutely gorgeous.  Perhaps it’s all the rain that they get, but the surrounding areas are lush and green and it is like wandering through a magical forest.  Even the city is pretty.  I think parking a little trailer next to one of their many rivers would be heaven.

Grand Canyon West Rim Skywalk

It is no secret around here that I LOVE the Grand Canyon.  I’ve been to both the South and North Rim’s (North is so beautiful!) but I’ve never been to the West Rim…home of the Skywalk.  Now, the Skywalk scares the bejesus out of me…but WOW!  Can you imagine those views?  I might just have to take a Xanax and do it!

Park City Utah (photo credit: Jill Richards/National Geographic)

I have never visited Park City but I’ve seen pictures of the area and it is just gorgeous.  All of my boys would love to learn to snowboard, so what better place to learn that picturesque Utah?  It is a growing community and Rustler Homes look like it would be a beautiful place to live (if I ever decided to settle down again).

New Orleans, Louisiana

My favorite city in the world.  *sigh*  I have yet to be in the city during a Mardi Gras so I would hang out in NOLA during the Spring time, before it gets too humid.  It is an amazingly vibrant city and I would love for my boys to learn about the culture in this old charming city.

So, if you had a travel trailer and planned on taking off to explore this great country of ours….where would you go first?  What is somewhere you would visit?  Would you plan it out or just go where the wind blew you?