I sorta home-schooled Anthony last year for first grade.  I had romantic visions of it all, of Anthony learning about the World and reading books and exploring the great beyond.  But the cold, hard, truth of it is that not all mothers are made for it.

Some moms are just not cut out for the amount of dedication it takes to successfully home school their children.  Instead of feeling happy and proud, I was stressed and annoyed.  I had a hard time finding a program that would interest my ADHD child and I had a hard time finding the creativity to keep him wanting to learn.

This year I had not one, but TWO more kids entering the school-age mix and I had a decision to make.

Did I want to struggle with my life, to educate three boys and juggle finances to make ends meet?  Was keeping them out of school worth the stress of digging for change and recycling cans to put groceries on the table?  Would the boys be safe at the public school?

The last question terrified me.  In the age where bullies are running rampant and small children are killing themselves, I was terrified to put my kids into the public school system.

The reality of it all is that I’m just not cut out to be a homeschooling mom.  I feel I would have done my children a disservice by keeping them home with me.  I wasn’t organized or disciplined enough to make it work.

My husband and I made the decision to put the kids into school and for me to find some work.  We made this decision in July.  Since then, I have been applying and interviewing and trying to find something that would work.  I wanted something with daytime hours so I could still be home with my kids in the evening for dinner and homework.  I wanted to be able to be home with them on the holidays.  Being a “mom” is still my first priority.

In these times of rising unemployment, I had no idea just how hard it was going to be to find work.  I’ve always had a job, I’ve never had a hard time finding a new job.  I just did not think twice about it.  Easy peasy, right?


Five months of searching ads, applying for positions, and interviewing.  I finally was hired on as holiday help for a local department store.  I was happy!  Unfortunately, the more I thought about it, the more I realized it just would not work.  Holiday hours in a department store means working till midnight, working on holidays, going in very early, sometimes over night.  I could not just take on the stress of this schedule and figuring out what to do with my kids for a temporary job.

Wouldn’t you know, not a week later, I have the perfect job!

I will be going back to my roots of providing care and support to those with developmental disabilities.  The hours are during the day, off on weekends, casual environment and best of all?  I’ll be hanging out with the neatest people during the day rather than angry customers!

I will continue to maintain my blog (so don’t go anywhere!), I’ll just have to adjust when I’m online.  I won’t be hanging out on Facebook all day long anymore (the horror!).  But I am really excited about this chapter in my life.  I would love to know how other working mom’s do it.  I have no idea how it will work over the summer when I’m working and they are not in school.  What happens then?  There will be a lot of things to learn, that is for sure.

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Working Moms!

Give me your tips and tricks for making it work.  For still helping the kids with homework, getting the housework done, and maintaining your home.  I am pretty excited about this new chapter in my life.