I was really looking forward to this weeks Thanksgiving vacation.  An entire week of staying up late and sleeping in.  Right?


During the school week, it can take a wall full of train horns to rouse the sleeping cherubs from their slumber.  My alarm is set at 6:30am and I mill around, make coffee, and watch the news.  All in peace and quiet while waiting for the boys.  When 7:00am comes around, the boys are just snoozing away and the battle begins.

So this week, when the boys have the freedom to sleep in as long as their little hearts wish….they are up at SIX FREAKING A.M.


Why the sudden change in sleeping pattern?  Why can’t their little bodies get the message that it’s time to SLEEP IN?  It is so frustrating.

I guess I  need to find where they sell train horn kits so I have one on on standby for next Monday when they decide to sleep past seven again.

Do your kids sleep in on their vacations?