Jack Andrew Smitty arrived last night and I was woken up by loud “whispers” saying “mom!  Jack is in our bathroom!”  Gabriel was SO EXCITED!  Until…

Jack took position on top of the medicine cabinet in the boys’ bathroom.  He even snagged some tinsel out of the recently un-closeted Christmas decoration boxes.  He looked super cute up there and wrote a little greeting announcing his arrival.  Everyone “oohed” and “awed” until Gabriel had to pee.

“Mommy, I need to pee.”

“Go ahead.”

“But Jack is in the bathroom.”


“I can’t go pee if Jack is watching.”


“Just go use mommy’s bathroom if you don’t want Jack to see.”

*crises adverted*

Come dinner time, Gabriel was still afraid to use the bathroom with Jack.  Poor Jack ended up being pretty lonely in the bathroom today.  I hope he remembers that the bathroom is not always a good place to hide.

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