This week I am joining a new weekly writing prompt called Monday Mojo.  Every week the crew at Eclectic Six Media will post a new topic or theme to help inspire those who need a little push into creativity.  This weeks topic is:

What do you do to get your mojo back when it seems to be missing? What are your suggestions for renewing creativity within yourself and how do you keep your writing fresh?

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find my “niche.”  I’ve tried to devote my blog to camping, to parenting, to home-schooling, and to cooking.  If you’ve spent any time around here you know that I talk about all of these things including wine, products and even hair.  I thought perhaps it was really important to have a niche.  A topic that I could focus on and try to  create a blog that was actually useful for a particular topic.  It is usually during these periods of self-doubt and wondering that I reach a road block.  In trying to write something specific, I end up writing nothing at all.

When I’ve lost my writing “mojo” I go looking for inspiration.  Weekly blog meme’s are a good way to at least have something to post, even if it’s not award-worthy.   I always try to post a Wordless Wednesday because God knows I have a picture to share somewhere.  I’ve also been finding new inspiration with Pinterest as there is always something new and amusing there!

Most importantly, I’ve learned that I am not “nicheable.”  I know, that isn’t a real word, but I’m going with it anyway.  The harder I try to fit into a mold, the more I feel stifled.  So I embrace the randomness that is OhRheally? and I try to shake off my writing block by just writing.  I go with the flow and I try not to worry about what someone else thinks.

If you are a blogger, won’t you consider joining me at the Eclectic Six blogger forums?  It’s a new group and we have a lot of big ideas!

What do you do to help inspire creativity within yourself?  How do you keep your website fresh?  I would love to hear it!