Oh, California Wine Club, how I *heart* thee!  I have loved receiving my specially selected wines each month, I have loved trying new flavors and I have loved not going out to the crazy stores to shop!

These past three months of receiving the California Wine Club’s Premier Membership has been fabulously fun.  I’ve learned a lot about wine from their Uncorked newsletter and I’ve tried wines I never thought I would try before (hello Pinot Noir!).  I’ve decided that my cousin, Lisa would enjoy receiving a monthly wine surprise for herself and I might try to get her a membership for her birthday (ssshhh…don’t tell her!).

This years Holiday selection for Premier Club members was two bottles of Tulip Hill from the Tracy Hills Vineyard.  I received the 2009 Tulip Hill Reserve Chardonnay and the 2009 Tulip Hill Cabepulciano (see, another wine variety that I’ve never even heard of!).  The California Wine Club saves the very best for last and this months holiday wines were fabulous.  I especially enjoyed the Chardonnay and I was never a Chardonnay drinker before I got my hands on a “good” one.  I’m so thankful for the California Wine Club for introducing me to many good one’s.

If you are still looking for a last minute gift for someone special and are dreading the shopping frenzy, how about you treat your loved one to a wine club Premier Membership?

Our most popular club features two bottles of award-winning wine from California’s best “mom & pop” wineries. No membership fees, cancel anytime and all wines are 100% guaranteed. Shipments are $49.45 per month includes s/h, plus sales tax where applicable.

If you order now and use promotion code 23monkeys you will receive 10% off your first month and an extra bottle of wine to say thank you!  Let the California Wine Club take care of your holiday shopping and give your friends a truly fun and memorable gift.