This holiday season, AT&T has launched a breakthrough desktop and mobile Facebook application on the AT&T Facebook page. This application provides you with an argument for a new AT&T 4G Smartphone – in the form of a customized video – which you can send to your friends and family.

It’s really pretty fun!

You start out by “serving” the person who you want to buy you a new cooler 4G Smartphone.  The application then takes a few seconds to personalize your video using your profile picture.  Then high-powered attorney, Kent Wesley (played by actor Will Arnett) makes your case.

Bob and I were highly amused by the video.

They even bring in a few witnesses to help:  One popularity expert, and “Star” Ray Liotta.  I ended up making my video three times for screenshots and such, and each time I did it, I had different expert witnesses.

After you create your video, you can post it to your Facebook wall so that your friends can “like” it and further help your case for a new phone.

To Make Your Case click on over to the AT&T Facebook Page.

I received a 4G Nitro Smartphone from AT&T for my time and participation but all opinions written here are my own.