This was a really great Christmas for us!  I know I’ve complained a lot about the trials of starting this new job, but getting that first paycheck on the Thursday before Christmas was a LIFESAVER!  I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun Christmas shopping having that disposable money to spend and knowing that I wasn’t taking food off of the table just for the sake of some presents.

My kids are very fortunate to have their Grandma who spoils them to bits.  I almost think Grandma’s presents out-shined Santa’s!

Each of the twins got a big Lego set, the LEGO City Fire Stationand the LEGO Police Station .  They’ve been asking for them since last Christmas and they were finally old enough to get them and actually build them mostly on their own.  Anthony’s big gift was a “real” (yet Anthony proof) digital camera, the Fujifilm FinePix XP20 .  This camera is waterproof, dust proof and shock proof.  He had the memory card full and the battery drained on the first day!  I’ll be setting him up his own Flickr account so he can share his pictures, he’s very excited and I’m proud of my little budding photog.

As for me, my mom is good to me, too.  I was able to score a new set of Philosophy skin care (that I sampled at BlogHer and fell in love with yet couldn’t afford to buy refills).  I got a new Ninja (Anthony broke my last one) and a pretty desert stand.

The least favorite gift I received was a nasty head cold.  I feel like crap!  Anyone else get this extra special gift?  ugh.

Of course there is more but instead of boring you with my amazing gifts, I want to hear about yours instead.  What did you get?  What was your favorite present?  Did your kids get anything fabulous??  Please share!